Website Design – Trends in 2020

Website design is usually the first stop in the online existence of your business. A functional and modern site that works for you 24/7, attracts visitors and successfully generates them into customers is what you need.
Trends in website development change from year to year. They are mainly accompanied by technological and cultural innovations. In order for Google to love you, as well as website visitors, it is necessary to send a newspaper, but not at any cost. It should always be kept in mind that there is no universal formula for a good website applicable to all activities and situations. Blindly following a novelty in web design can often do more harm than good.

What’s new in this year when creating websites:

Minimalism and simplicity in website design and navigation has been the dominant style for several years now. Web designers are trying to remove all the less important elements that draw attention and leave only the information that is crucial for the user. Life gives minimalist website design a special way of grading colors, called Gradient 2.0. Shades of one color are used as a base and a way to emphasize essential elements.

Futuristic colors with glitter effects or interactive 3D elements will also be a common occurrence on modern websites this year.

Abstract illustrations are an ideal way to stand out among the competition and become recognizable among clients. Creativity is desirable to the extent that the target group can clearly recognize the information with which the brand communicates.

Bold fonts are a way to highlight titles or important information. You must have noticed this in mobile applications. Of course, care should be taken not to overdo their use, because then they will lose the basic role of drawing attention to key messages. It is also important to choose simple and readable fonts. Sans Serif is the recommendation of most of the world’s web designers.

Emotion with functionality. Web Design is a way of communication, and what the trends in creating sites for 2020 recommend is to provoke certain emotions in site visitors. Neutral design gives way to Web Design with an emotional impact on the target group.

Dark themes and backgrounds, you have surely noticed this trend in some big world companies. The visitor is given a tool to adjust the brightness of the theme. Light elements and contrasts are used to highlight central information, and dark mode is extremely modern in Web Design.

Imperfections that emphasize individuality, such as freehand drawing or writing give soul and life to websites but also to the brand they represent. The mixing of real photography with graphics is especially noteworthy.
Anything that contributes to a user friendly experience is welcome on modern websites. Chatbots and virtual assistants that help and answer questions at any time, provide visitors with relevant information and will certainly be used to the maximum.