How to make Google love you more in 2020.

When we think about site optimization this year, we should focus on only one thing and that is the best possible user experience. In practice, this means that Google wants to provide its visitors with as useful and relevant information as possible, which they need to get to quickly and easily.

Famous keywords are slowly giving way to search intent. The intent behind the keywords and phrases becomes very important and if the content is created in that direction there will surely be more engagement and better ranking of the website on the search engine. In addition to intent, content should address specific user issues and be locally oriented.

Optimizing a website to load speed is also essential to its position on Google, and the limit has been reduced to 2 seconds.
2020 will be an interesting year in the field of web design and SEO optimization, as well as in the field of marketing.

If all this seems too complicated, of course, you don’t have to remember a word. Entrust us with the creation of your website, with which you will receive useful and applicable tips on how to most successfully promote your services and products on a business playground called the Internet.