About us

Life in the digital world

“We make our knowledge, experience and skills available to you”

About me

From the moment I sat down for my first computer back in the 80s, I knew right away that I was on my own. And so it is today. At the time when www and html were created, Intel launched the Pentium processor and Microsoft Windows 95. The Internet began to conquer the world, computer prices fell, mobile phones became more affordable.

Fascinated by this magical interface, endless creative possibilities and unstoppable advances in technology, I started programming and did not stop. I was educated in Canada, taught and constantly improved. Over time, I passed on my love for programming to my generations, gathered “code” lovers around me, and my love grew into a business. We are now programming for others and are sincerely looking forward to each new project and challenge.

About our team

Our team consists of experienced developers and associates; web and graphic designers, copywriters, SEO and marketing experts. As true professionals in their work, they will respect all your requirements and offer the best solutions. It is important for us to understand each other. We will not bombard you with programming and design expressions that you do not know. We will explain nicely what you can get and what you can expect.

We are responsible. We respect deadlines and contractual obligations. We approach every project seriously and carefully. We have no competition. We have friends. The digital market is in rapid development and there is work for each of us. That is why we cooperate with numerous colleagues on large projects and record excellent results.

About you

Contact us and tell us your story. What you need, what you want to achieve and where you see your project in the future. We will help you realize it in the best possible way. With us you can get everything you need. There are no small or big projects for us. They are all equally important to us, because they are important to you.

Our goal is to become our regular customers. To entrust us with all your future jobs and to recommend us to others. This is how our long list of realized projects was created and is constantly growing, primarily thanks to the trust of clients, and then to our efforts to meet their expectations.

Call us, schedule a free consultation and choose one of the services we offer or put us in front of some new challenges and we look forward to working with you.

Our services include:


Creating WordPress and other Open Source websites

Choose a topic or we will choose it for you. We adapt it to your business, provide it and design it for easy management of the administrative panel.

SEO website optimization

Every website made by us gets basic SEO optimization. If you want something more, call us to make an appointment.

Internet Marketing

With us you can get everything you need for a successful presentation of your business on the Internet (Google ads, social networks, e-mail marketing, Blog).

Graphic and Web Design

For the needs of the website, we create the logo of your company, banners, process images and other digital content. We have a 360 ° camera and the latest generation cameras.


Without good text there is no good site. Our experienced copywriters will write text that will satisfy all forms of quality content on the web.

Technical maintenance of the website

Every website needs technical maintenance, updating and customization. We are here at any time to help you with that, and we can make an agreement to keep your website fresh and Up-To-Date.

Our websites

Unique and modern look, simplified for each visitor to quickly and easily get the required information.

Our team
Goran Topic
Programmer and SEO expert
Over 3 decades of experience in creating websites. He finished programming back home and studied in Canada. Easy to collaborate, talks a lot but also works a lot.
Tatjana Topic
Front End Developer, UX / UI designer, graphic designer and photographer
Creative and ambitious from an early age. Inspired by technology, a desire to thrive and be part of the IT team, she completed her studying in her hometown of Toronto.
Jelica Dragosavac
Copywriter and graphic designer
She doesn’t know what she prefers, to play with visuals or words. Equally good at both. Creative, kind and communicative.
Nada Ristic Radak
SEO copywriter and marketing manager
She wrote half the Internet. Top notch internet marketing campaigns. A true professional and a great expert. She likes to hike in his free time.

Why choose us?

Professional team dedicated to clients
Responsible business
Use of modern technology
Personalized software solutions
A large number of successfully completed projects
Availability 24/7
System security
Honesty in communication and billing

Make the right decision.

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